Gear Box Pets

Make your own mechanical pet automatons. These kits are based on a planetary gear mechanism and all link up to move together.

bird bank automaton kit
bird bank automaton kit side view

Bird Bank

Put a coin in the birds mouth, then watch it fly around and deposit it into the flower. This kit comes with all of the parts ready for you to assemble. All of the kits in the Gear Box Pet series link up to run as one.

Tortoise Automata Kit
Incrementing Mechanism

Tortoise Tally

Watch your tortoise walk around his pen whilst incrementing the counter with each lap. Use this kit to keep a tally of how many collectables are in the drawer.

Goldfish automata kit
Mechanical iris

Fortune Fish

Make your own mechanical pet fortune telling fish. Put the ball in it's mouth then watch it swim around the tank to drop it into the mechanical iris. Open the drawer to read the answer to your yes/no question.

Gearbox pet automata kits link up