Hummingbird Door Knocker

Post date: Aug 18, 2017 5:05:34 AM

Only once have I had the joy of seeing a real life hummingbird. They don't live here in Australia, but I spied one at fisherman's wharf San Fancisco. It blew my mind with its agility, robotic like precision and incredible tininess. This is my take on the traditional wood pecker door knocker. I sculpted the bird in wax then cast it in pewter. I laser etch the wooden mounting into Tasmanian Oak veneer then finish it off with one of my handmade glass beads.

Give it a pull and the hummingbird dips into the flower giving a tap to alert anyone in the room behind the door.

A novel and useful artwork, for your toilet, office or front door if your house is not too large.

by Shasa Bolton

You can order one here