How My Writing Automaton Works

Post date: Apr 8, 2020 5:03:04 AM

I often get asked how to go about designing a writing machine. I finally got around to making a video explaining the mechanisms inside of my writing automaton kit. "Skrippy".

Skrippy was designed to be an improvement on my first writing machine Scriblo.

My criteria for this writing machine were to make it smaller with less parts, easier to assemble, fit all of the information on one cam and to give it more of a character. I was able to make it smaller by using two fishing-line cables to pull the gimbal about each axis. These cables attach to levers with cam followers which each follow a different half of the single cam’s profile. Rather than a spring loaded writing surface, I allowed the pencil to slide freely in it’s mounting and added weights to increase the pressure on the page. I made this machine to depict a small kangaroo as he comes from Tasmania, Australia, where I live along with many wallabies. He is called Skrippy and comes with a cam to write the word “yes” as well as some blank cams and software to create your own small word or picture. My girlfriend is the test dummy for my design instructions and made one that writes “70” for her father's 70th birthday.

I hope this slightly technical video is of any help to people who would like to design their own writing machine. Other wise you can always order a Skrippy Kit with all of the parts ready to assemble.