Illusionist Puzzle Box Pendant

Years ago I was captivated by the clever puzzle pendant in the movie the "Illusionist". (A great movie with a few interesting contraptions.) The young magician gifts his girlfriend an oval pendant that unexpectedly twists open to form a love heart. The heart then slides open to reveal a picture of himself inside. I set out to make one of these quite a few years ago. After some unsuccessful thinking, I had a look online to see if anyone else had figured it out. All I found were claims that the pendant was a film trick and could not actually be made. Now ten or so years later and valentines day approaching I set out to attempt this project again. It seems the internet has now figured out that these pendants are in fact possible and a few people are making them. I was not completely dejected as there still seemed to not be any cheap DIY laser cut kit versions of them available, and I could now see the secret behind the mechanism. Like most things, once you know how it works you feel rather simple for not figuring it out on your own. I enjoy the challenge of trying to design a mechanism so that it can be made out of only laser cut parts. Anyway here it is in time for valentines day, my Laser Cut Illusionist Puzzle Pendant. Sorry there is no picture of me inside, but there is space for you to add your own photos, notes or trinkets. If you want to make one, you can download the plans or purchase the parts. Both options are on my Etsy Site

Happy Valentines Day (pictures below)

Illusionist Puzzle Box Closed


Illusionist Puzzle Box heart


Illusionist Puzzle Box open