How to Train Your Singing Pitch

Imagine if you could control objects with your voice. You'd develop pretty good pitch right?

This is the idea behind SINGSCAPE where the pitch of your voice controls the height of a tiny levitating monk. Only when his feet touch the ground can he continue walking through the landscape.

Learn to sing musical intervals, scales and chord progressions by moving your monk across the hills and valleys of the Singscape landscape.

Encounter new friends and objects along the way. All are there to help you remember where to find your notes.

Rather than just stabbing in the dark, SINGSCAPE gives you direct feedback so you can see how close you are to the desired note. It also provides visual imagery and the odd mnemonic to help your memory.

I hope you have fun and find SINGSCAPE a useful tool. Don't forget to click the feedback button in the game to let me know how you got on!

Play the SINGSCAPE game online at