Contraption Cart Demo

Post date: Nov 9, 2017 11:36:19 PM

Here's the short video of my mobile market cart of Automata and Contraptions. It's made as a series of interchangeable boxes so I can swap in and out new machines as I make them. Press the buttons to watch the machines move. There are flat pack Automata kits in the cupboards which you can put together yourself.

The current set up is displaying Tweet, a singing bird Automaton clock, Wing Mech 1, a flapping machine, and Skrippy a writing Automaton that you can make write your own words and pictures.

The cart had it's debut at the Tasmanian Craft Fair this weekend, and was well received. I'm looking forward to making more mechanical sculptures to add to it, then taking it around to a few more events. Keep up to date by liking my facebook page and subscribing to my video newsletter.