Epicurus Drinking Automaton

At the foot of the mountain in the smaller town, the earnest artist has crawled out to his local coffee shop. Four days into the working week he has found himself with the rare sense of sufficient achievement required to pay respects to a rich long black and a warmed citrus slice. As he awaits his order he is once more aware of the intrinsic value in one's own pleasure, and it's subtle attainment through the moderately ascetic lifestyle. Pencil poised and gently dripping with a little verbosity, the waitress approaches with his volatile dish of mid morning polyphenols.

Epicureanism, as far as I understand it, strives to attain that wholesome pleasure acquired by an appreciation of the finer things whilst delicately evading the destructive inclination to eat drink and be merry.

Any way here he is, Epicurus the ancient philosopher pouring himself a self sustaining cup of wine.

Various drinking automata have been made over the years, so I thought that I too should give one a try. The mechanisms are made from steel and the head is cast in pewter.

At some stage I intend to make a kit version of this in laser cut wood for people to put together. Various automata kits are for sale on my automata kits page.


I will happily make more of these drinking machines upon request at $3000AUD.

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