Memory Palace Mechanisms

Post date: Dec 16, 2019 1:20:54 AM

My long term automata project is almost ready to share with you!

But for now, here is a sideline project exploring mechanisms of human memory.

What if I told you that The Very Hungry Caterpillar and all he ate, actually encoded the periodic table?

And that Hairy Maclary and his friends encoded the location of notes on the musical staff.

If you remember those stories as well as I do, you'd now be saying

"Thank you Mum for reading me those children's books."

Sorry but as far as I know, those great children's stories won't actually serve you now as as adult with that useful information.

But that is the Idea behind the Memory Land series of children's books I have started writing.

Here is the first book in my Memory Land series that uses ancient memory techniques to plant stories in kids heads that they can later use as adults. This book encodes the notes in the musical staff.

It is now up on Amazon as a kindle ebook and a paperback.

My sister is about to have a baby, so I thought I better get cracking with some STEM experiments for this lovely plastic little new brain.

My book is inspired by the ancient Greek practice of memory palaces. You may have heard that our brains have specific place cell neurons which we use for processing information about spacial locations. The ancient Greeks knew that we could utilize these neural processes for efficiently storing information.

For example...

You might mentally store each item of a shopping list in sequential locations around your home. Each with a little story about why it is in that location. The weirder the story the better. Make it graphic, give it smell, texture, sound etc.

Later when you are at the supermarket, you will take a mental walk around your home and retrieve each item on your shopping list.

My first book in this (Memory Land) series is called

Mr Note and the Tower of Treble Clef

The story serves as a memory palace mnemonic for learning the notes on a musical staff.

So here's the blurb...

Do you effortlessly remember all of the characters from your childhood story books?

What if I told you that those characters actually encoded useful information that you can now use as an adult?

What if they served as a mnemonic for remembering the names of notes in musical notation?

Give your child the gift of reading music, while simultaneously reading them a fun and whimsical story. They won't even know they are learning. This is not just a book for children. Its powerful method works for parents and people of all ages. Follow Mr Note in Memory Land as he journeys through the Tower of Treble Clef, meeting ridiculous characters along the way.

click here to see it on amazon as paperback or a kindle ebook

I'm curious to hear how this story method works for you.

Have a great Christmas