Shasa's CD

Guitar and vocals, songs born from a simple need to process thoughts. As a singer songwriter Shasa creates likable tunes with intriguing lyrics, aimed for a mindful listener. Neural programming and influence from music of the 70's was inescapable, as a two year old in the north of New Zealand, falling asleep to his parents evening band practices. Melodies of Don Mclean or Simon and Garfunkel entered into impressionable ears, only to be convoluted and echoed back out 20 years later in Shasa's own musical creations. Shasa's Album "Brain Stories" (see below) is a collection of these echoes, dressed with a bit of whimsy and story, exploring the hunch that mechanisms of melody and lyric step right down the nature of existence. This searching of mechanism extends more explicitly to Shasa's other ventures in the creation of mechanical sculpture. A novel application for his degree in Mechanical Engineering, Shasa makes moving figures and robotics inspired by the clockwork automata of Victorian times. His current endeavors involve combing his music and machines in the form of musical moving sculptures and videos to reenact his songs and the stories they tell.

Shasa is now based in the north of Tasmania where he performs in local venues and public events. Look out for him on the Spirit of Tasmania ferry where he has regular performances. In his acoustic sets you will hear many of the great songs you know from the 60’s and 70’s. From folk and ballads to pop and rock with songs from artists such as Simon and Garfunkel, Don Mclean, Roy Orbison and The Beatles, plus a collection of Shasa's origiinals. Contact Shasa for a solo acoustic act at your next function.