Laser Cutting 

My files are for 3.2mm thick wood. (1/8 inch). They come with an "exact" file and an "offset" file. The offset accounts for 0.05mm laser kerf plus adds 0.03mm extra to acheive press fits. If your wood thickness differs by 0.1mm, you will need to scale the file to match your wood. For example, if you have 3mm wood, scale the file by 3/3.2 = 0.94.

If your laser kerf is not 0.05mm or you are scaling the file significantly, then you should use the exact file, and set your own offsets to match your laser.

My SVG files are 72dpi and must be imported as such in lightburn.

Getting snug fits is important in order for mechanisms to work properly.

Wood thickness can vary even in the same batch, so measure each sheet with calipers before cutting.